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When should I start looking for childcare?

It is never too early to start looking for childcare centres for your little one. Because early childhood education and care is critical to children, not only because we provide care to the children so parents can get back into the work force, but by providing our children early exposure to age-appropriate early childhood education can also help them build the right foundation at an early stage of their life.

It not uncommon for quality childcare centres to have long waitlist and some could have up to 12 month long wait time. Hence, we recommend planning ahead, visit centres to find the right one for you and your little one, and joining the waiting list would help avoid disappointments and to have more enrolment options when the time comes for your child to start childcare.

What is the best age to start childcare?

The best time to start childcare depends on each family’s circumstances, needs and preferences.
Generally, children who starts childcare at early age would typically settles in quickly whilst providing them the opportunity to build foundation to better develop their social, cognitive and motor skills.

What is the ratio of educators to children?

We are centre based long day care centre. Educators who work directly with children will be counted in the educator to child ratio. Working directly with children means being physically present with the children and directly involved in providing education and care to those children. The ratio of educator to children varies by age group and state. More details and ratio calculation can be found on ACECQA’s website.

The Educator to Child ratios for New South Wales as below:

  • Infants Ages 0 – 24 months: 1 Educator per 4 Children (1:4)
  • Toddlers Ages 24 months – 36 months: 1 Educator per 5 Children (1:5)
  • Preschoolers Ages 36 months to preschool age: 1 Educator to 10 Children (1:10)

Does my child need to be vaccinated?

All Ashfield Early Learning Centre’s children are required to be vaccinated in accordance with National Legislation. To be able to enrol your child in childcare, an up-to-date Immunisation History Statement must be supplied prior to enrolling. If your child’s immunisation status is not up to date, you will need to provide proof that your child is on a catchup schedule. Please speak to our friendly staff if you need further information, or brochure can be found at our centre’s foyer.

Where can I find my child’s Immunisation History Statement?

There’re several channels you may get your child’s Immunisation History Statement:

Please note that if you child’s immunisation status is not up to date you must provide proof that your child is on a catchup schedule. This will show up on your Immunisation History Statement once you have visited your General Practitioner to organise a catchup schedule.

What is the Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is a government payment that help families to reduce out-of-pocket costs for childcare. It is paid directly to the service and passed on to families as a fee reduction. The service is not directly involved in the calculation of a family’s entitlements as this is a matter between the family and Centrelink.

If you are new to childcare, we recommend that you apply for the claim as soon as possible. For more information you can visit the Services Australia website.

How can I prepare my child for their transition to childcare?

There is not much your little one needs to be prepared for before childcare other than involving them in the childcare search process and talk positively about the exciting things they will experience, play with and learn at Ashfield Early Learning Centre.

Personally we would suggest to take things easy and get yourself ready mentally and emotionally which will be most important. We understand some parents may have strong emotions and pressure (stressful at times) when it comes to looking for the right childcare and sending their child to childcare (school) for the first time. Please know that it is absolutely normal and it is OK to feel that way or even to shed a few tears on your child’s first day (or along the process); you’re not alone and you’re just being human/a parent.

Here’re just a few notes and pointers to give you an idea of what you may do:

  • Bring your child to your initial centre tour and observe how they interact with the environment, children and educators
  • Talk positively about the exciting things they will experience, play with and learn at Ashfield Early Learning Centre
  • Involve your child in preparing and labelling the items they will take with them to childcare. As part of your enrolment you will also receive a “Centre Startup” pack which includes a school bag, sleeping bag, hats, etc.
  • Attend the orientation session with your child to help them settle in to new environment and people
  • “Kiss and Goodbye” in the morning when you drop off your child at childcare. Please keep it brief to say your goodbyes and rest assure your child is in good hands with our friendly educators. Very often children tend to settle in very quickly once parents have left. It will also help the children build up good habit and making the whole day easier for them. Don’t worry, we will post lots of photos and updates on how your child is doing throughout the day via our internal communication app – Kinderloop.
  • Have shorter days for the first few days or weeks to begin with where needed and if such arrangements will work for you
  • Talk about emotions they may experience and how they can help manage their feelings

What is the orientation process?

Attending an orientation is an important part of the transition process into Ashfield Early Learning Centre.

The purpose of the orientation session is to help new children transition into their new learning environment and support their sense of belonging to a caring and nurturing community.

It also provides families the opportunity to support their child during their initial introduction to our service, facilities, daily routine, classmates and their educators.

Sessions typically run for 1 – 2 hours.

How can I check to see how my child is settling in?

Families are welcome to call the centre to check in on their child at any time throughout the day. Our team will always provide you with open and honest feedback on how your child/children are settling in.

Families also receive updates on what activities their child/children have been engaging in along with photos via our internal secure and private family communication app – Kinderloop.

What are your fees?

To enquire about our fees, please email us ( or submit an enquiry on our Contact Us page.

What is your daily routine?

Please consult with your child’s room for more details. As different room and season/time of year may see each room planning for varying routine and daily activities.  Furthermore, we tend to tailor our programs and daily routine to reflect to our children’s interest and need.

What is provided at your centre?

  • Breakfast for early birds
  • Morning tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon tea
  • Late afternoon snack
  • Nappies
  • Formula
  • Sunscreen
  • Protective clothing for painting, water play etc.
  • School readiness program
  • Caters for children with food allergies
  • Egg and nut free centre

Do you close on Public Holidays and Christmas?

Ashfield Early Learning Centre is closed on public holidays and during the Christmas period from Christmas day to the first business day after New Year.  Families are charged fees for Public Holidays; however, the Christmas closure period is free of charge.

What is the notice period required to withdraw?

Ashfield Early Learning Centre has a four week notice period to change days or withdraw. Notice period are in place to provide sufficient time for paperwork to be processed and to adjust centre operations to accommodate changes to student attendance, staffing and catering.

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