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Ashfield Early Learning Centre provides educationally appropriate and stimulating programs to assist in the development of the whole child; their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and moral growth. We recognise the value of play in development. Research has found that children attain higher levels of achievement through engaging in play.

Our educational play-based programs assist each child to build and develop at their own individual pace with guidance and support.

Curriculum in the early childhood setting means ‘all the interactions, experiences, activities, routines and events, planned and unplanned, that occur in an environment designed to foster Children’s learning and development’. [adapted from Te Whariki]

We have incorporated an inclusive program to support the needs and creativity of children. Our program aims to be the core of our curriculum and reflects the Early Years Learning Framework – EYLF.

Our curriculum for all rooms, infants 0-2, toddlers 2-3 and pre-schoolers 3-5 years is based on The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. This program is a national Early Learning Framework for children from birth to five years.

Using this framework, educators will observe each child’s learning so they can build on it and plan the next steps. They will do this by listening, watching and talking to your child, and will keep photos and a portfolio of your child’s work to show what they are learning, how they are developing and what particular learning interests them.

Each age group displays their routine and learning journey in the room and this is available for parents to read, and ask questions regarding it can be answered by the appropriate educator. We use Kinderloop, which allows families to receive instant notifications of their child’s day.

Educators will keep in touch with you regularly to discuss your child’s progress and if they feel there is an area of concern, they will inform you and advise where help may be sought, e.g. speech therapist. It is always your decision to follow this up. Educators are willing to discuss any aspect of development with parents.

Creative Program

Children’s creativity is connected to self-expression and learning through play all five Learning Outcomes in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and highlights creativity as an important learning disposition that impacts on learning throughout life.

Early Years Learning Framework

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) conveys the highest expectations for all children’s learning from birth to five years and through the transitions to school. It communicates these expectations through the following five (5) Learning Outcomes.

Get Moving Program

Our Get Moving Program is designed to support the developmental growth of children’s physical and gross motor development. Below are games and experiences we implement within our program to support the growth process. Children experience a variety of physical activity programs and below is a list of some activities and the approach we take in implementing them.

Healthy Habits Program

Munch & Move is a program to support healthy habits and environments in early childhood education. Munch & Move assists educators to implement a fun, play-based approach to healthy eating and physical activity with young children. The Munch & Move program fits within the early childhood education and care sector’s National Quality Framework. The Munch & Move program is a government initiative to encourage healthy habits at a young age.

Literacy And Numeracy Program

Long before a child utters their first word, parents/early childhood professionals and children begin to communicate. Their first communications take on the form of gestures initiated by the adults.

Parents and early childhood professionals take a leading role in a child’s language development by mainly:

  • talking to young children about the here and now
  • being selective about the words they use
  • Encouraging children to take turns in a conversation
  • altering the way they say things, such as slowing down, or in the usage of short, simple sentences.

School Readiness Program

Ashfield Early Learning Centre aims to provide a rich and engaging school readiness program.

Preparing the year before school can be a daunting experience for families and this is where our school readiness program can help your child be ready for the first year of school and set life long foundation for early literacy and numeracy.

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